Chemistry Course Lecture Notes

Some glycolysis reading.  The third paper is general, and the second paper is a useful review of glycolysis.  The first paper is more advanced.  You may want to just skim that one for general information.

Summary of WHO Monograph on the carcinogenicity of red meat

paper 1

paper 2

paper 3

photosynthetic Q cycle

TPP mechanisms

B12 mechanism

PLP Mechanisms

lipoamide mechanisms (FAD oxidation and glycine cleavage system)

amino acid biosynthesis mechanisms 1

genetics of alcohol metabolism

Branched Chain Amino Acid Metabolism

Below are some interesting papers that question orthodox dietary guidelines concerning saturated fat. 

Saturated fat studies 1

Saturated fat studies 2

Saturated fat studies 3

Saturated fat studies 4

Below is a very good paper on protein digestability amino acid scores. Everyone should try to look at this before class tomorrow.

Protein digestability amino acid scores

 Here are a bunch of things that may be helpful- including some pathways and mechanisms that you should look at

branched chain and tryptophan synthase

useful summary of aa metabolism

Histidine biosynthesis

some aromatic aa biosynthesis and mechanisms

Some PDCAA scores (from wikipedia of all places)

summary of shikimate pathway

papers on nucleic acids that might be interesting

orotidine decarboxylase 1

orotidine decarboxylase 2

Methotrexate mechanism of action rheumatoid arthritis (and probably other autoimmune diseases)

A review on the mechanism of action of caffeine in vascular systems

reading on peanut allergies for those interested  Peanut Allergy

 a general review on endocrine disruptors

A thorough discussion of what really causes lactic acidosis

review on ceramide effects on glucose metabolism

A review on creatine supplementation


An interesting paper on whether arginine supplementation affects NO production

For those interested, this is the most current and authoratative meta-analysis of the health risk of saturated and trans fats in diet

Ribonucleotide Reductase and cancer, review

A short review on drugs

HIV protease inhibitor binding