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Human Biochemistry

Welcome to C383, Spring 2017!

Please come to this website for all of the class handouts and information. On this page, I will post announcements. Use the links to the left for these important handouts:

Finals Office hours:

Instructor Office Hours:      M noon-1PM, T 9-10AM, R 1:30-2:30PM in Chemistry A206

              Students are also welcome to attend my C483 officer hours (T 1:30-2:30PM, W 2:30-3:30PM, F 9-10AM) and ask questions when there are no C483 students

Associate Instructor:    Goran Tumbic  (

              Office Hours: W 3:30-4:30PM in C046, R 4:30-5:30PM in C046

Associate Instructor:    Fidel Huerta ( 

              Office Hours: M 5:30-6:30PM in C046 and T 4-5 PM in Simon 3rd floor lounge

Exam 3 key


Final exam study guide and practice exam