Chemistry Course Quiz/Exam

These are exams from Summer 2017:

Exam 1 and key

Exam 2 and key

Exam 3 and key


These practice exams are from a different book, and do not necessarily cover the same material in the same order. They roughly correspond to what we will cover.

Chapters 1-3 practice exam    and key

Practice exam 1a

Practice Exam 1a Key

Practice exam 1b                                

Practice exam 1b Key


Practice Exam 2a

Practice Exam 2a Key                                   study guide 2 and key

Practice exam 2b

Practice exam 2b Key


Practice Exam 3A  and key

Practice Exam 3B  and key      ch 9 practic exam and key            Study guide 3 key

Practice exam 3C

Practice exam 3C key